If you are one of the people who like to exercise and keep fit but you don’t like going to a gym because you feel static and prefer to move around the Hotel Zone Boulevard can help you. Here is one option in our section “Things to do in Cancun”. Let´s begin!

You can do multiple activities from walking, running and even rollerblading. The entire Boulevard has an extension of 23 kilometers to which you can take advantage and advantage. Obviously, if it is your first time it will be impossible for you to travel the 23 kilometers, but for something you start. Draw a monthly plan with small attainable goals, keep in mind that the secret is discipline and perseverance. It will be a good challenge before the end of 2019.

things to do in the hotel zone of cancun roller blading
Things to do in the hotel zone of Cancun – La Gran Rueda

Locals and tourists love to go skating in Cancun´s Hotel Zone.

It is a fun activity that with a little music in your headphones is a stressful ride, good for health and pleasure. We advise you to try very early or in the evening because the heat in the middle of the day can be intolerant but also dangerous due to heatstroke.

After exercising you can find numerous places to cool off with a drink, eat something or give yourself a guilty taste with some ice cream. Alone or accompanied is an activity that you must do at least once in Cancun. We can assure you that it is worthwhile to see the spectacle of the nature of the sea and the lagoon as you run or skate to the rhythm of the music.

In case you do not have skates and you would like to get some there are two sports shops in Cancun that we recommend; Caribe Rollers and Koko Dogz. The closest to the hotel zone is Koko Dogz.

Ready? Ready, Set, Go.